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What our doctors think of our program:

Why should you consider Personal Injury Institute for P.I. training?

Clear and straightforward education to

Grow Your Practice 

Generating results through education and coaching.

Secure More P.I. Referrals

How to work with: emergency rooms, urgent care centers, M.D.'s, G.P.'s, Internists, Insurance Personnel, Internet Marketing, Imaging Centers, Seminars & more!

Improve Your Case Collections

You'll learn the proper sequences for first and third party billing that insurance payers want to see. These systems have assisted our doctors in achieving best case outcome.

Medical Integrations

Discover the step-by-step process on how to profit from adding medical services to your chiropractic practice.

Practice Managment Consulting

Gain access to systems that will allow you to grow and expand your practice with support, clarity and confidence.

We are getting 10 additional personal injury case per month and we have increased our collections to $4500 per case, that is an additional $45,000 in PI revenue per month. And the best news that is with just one marketing strategy alone, there are 6 more systems that we have not even tapped into yet.

We are on pace to collect over $1.4 million in PI revenue alone!

Tuan Gnuyen, D.C.

PII has marketing systems and strategies that other PI consultants don’t even think of, I know because I have done them all. Dr. Matt shows exactly how he gets his cases from the ER, Urgent care, I now have cracked the code for MD’s – GP’s, internist, and PCP referrals and the game changer – referrals from Insurance companies. I would highly recommend his course to anyone that wants to build up the PI portion of their practice.

Ottavio Nepa, D.C.

My very FIRST case settlement comes back and my bill was paid in full and the patient received a settlement much larger than she thought. She figured all her bills would be paid (hopefully) and get about a thousand bucks for herself. She received about 13K from the insurance company and the attorney is taking me out to lunch next week.

All of this progress is from the very first module!

Richard Sheppard, D.C.

More Testimonials From Our 782 Clients.
Dr. Matt,
Thanks for your help yesterday. My meeting went great! The attorneys were floored with everything that I was telling them. Honestly there were times that the attorney’s jaws were just hanging open! To think, that I have had only one training session with you, can’t wait to learn all of your marketing strategies.
The meeting was originally set for 30min and I was going to talk to 3 people. As the meeting progressed I ended up talking with 12 attorneys because one of the department heads was going and grabbing them and dragging them into the conference room to hear what I had to say. I ended up staying there for an hour and a half.
We will definitely be working together. Also, while giving me a tour of their huge office, they mentioned that they are always looking for speakers to discuss topics that would be beneficial to the attorneys and the paralegals. I’ll be sure to set that up after training with you.
Thanks again for your help Matt!
-Dr Alex Vidan, Vidan Family Chiropractic

The P.I. program has been a great experience. Prior to joining the Personal Injury Institute, I was avoiding personal injury cases because the settlements have not been encouraging. Now I’m excited about treating patients involved in car accidents.
-Alwyn Lorenzo

Dr. DeGaetano’s Personal Injury Institute program really opened my eyes on several levels in the personal injury arena. The specific modules combined with his personal one on one coaching literally takes you from day one on the proper management of personal injury patients in your office through the end of their treatment.
Moreover, he outlines the specific necessities that absolutely must be done to be reimbursed for services. After utilizing his recommendations I was just reimbursed for $8000 for necessary care on patient because I implemented the necessary documentation that I previously was oblivious to.
Not only does this program ensure your success with handling existing personal injury patients, more importantly it actually teaches you on how to acquire personal injury patients in an ethical manor from various sources that I guarantee you’ve never even thought of before.
-David Seastedt, DC

I want to take a moment to thank you for delivering a most valuable education on making my office valuable to many other entities. For years I’ve spent time, money and effort writing letter to attorneys and doctors telling them how good we are and why they should send referrals.
Today, attorneys see my office in a new light. It’s no longer a hat in hand circumstance. They now know it’s our office that makes them money by meeting the needed criteria in the arena of Personal Injury. You have filled my pockets with pearls of wisdom that have opened doors that would have otherwise been left locked.
These days, they call me. They refer and are happy to do so. I also thank Dr. Matthew DeGaetano and the Personal Injury Institute. His expertise in fully documenting auto accident cases is top notch. He speaks of the language used by insurance companies. Just documenting our findings the way we were taught can cost our patients as well as our office the proper level of reimbursement.
I look forward to refining my skills of communication for years to come and am most thankful to having met you. I thank you for taking time out of your busy multi clinic life to share your knowledge, experience and skill to change the direction of my practice.
-Peter R. Markovic, DC

It is with all my respect for Dr. Matthew J. DeGaetano’s program that I give my highest recommendations. Doctors, if you want to increase your working knowledge of “how the game is played” with the insurance industry, get this program.
He helps you create a win-win for everyone. Attorneys will be referring you instead of other chiropractors. Hiriing Dr. Matt is the biggest no brainer for seeing more and more new personal injury cases.
-Robert J. Shelton, DC

It is with great pleasure that I strongly recommend Dr. Matthew J. DeGaetano for consulting.
I worked on a very complicated matter and he helped me step by step to work through every little issue. I could gather that he had years of experience by his way of conduct and the information he gave me.
He has a very cool, calm and collected way of handling situations and this worked really well with me. He has endless patience and I felt really comfortable while talking with him via skype.
I have not worked on many cases with him, but that is due to the fact that he is based in the United States and Im in South Africa. I would have loved to work more with him, because he is really intelligent and one could learn a lot from him. He also has a great personality and is easy going.
-Janette Claassen, JD

My name is James P. Best and I am the owner of the law firm of Best, Hicks & Watson, P.C. in Dallas, Texas. My law firm handles over 1,200 personal injury cases per year. I have practiced law since 1986 and have reviewed more medical records and bills than I can count.
Matthew DeGaetano, D.C. has been an excellent referral source for my injured clients. Dr. DeGaetano knows how to treat an injured victim, knows how to get them well and knows how to document their injuries with the proper paperwork. Dr. DeGaetano’s final medical records and billing packets are the best in the business. He also excels at operating an efficient rehab and physical therapy department. A part of Dr. DeGaetano’s success is his ability to train his personnel and doctors. Even with employee turnover in today’s marketplace Dr. DeGaetano’s staff remains professional and courteous.
I would highly recommend Dr. DeGaetano as a business leader.
-James P. Best, Attorney at Law

I wanted to say thanks again. Since I have been using all the course material and have changed my reports and etc…The initial settlement offers that the attorneys are getting from the insurance companies has gone up and I mean up. Just in the past weeks we have had total settlement offers of $27,000, $27,000, $24,000, $18,000, $19,000, $17,000 and $15,000.
The 19K and 17K offers came on cases that had $1320.00 auto damage and the patent’s just saw me and had passive/active rehab in the clinic and they also had 1 MRI and one MD consultation. I’d have to say that these offers are coming from the useful info you have given me and now I’m putting to good use in my reports and documentation.
Also if you have anything new information that might be of benefit to me and my practice please let me know. I’d be happy to come to any new seminars, etc…
Also I don’t know if you educate attorney on their demand packages or can refer them to someone who can. I have a few attorney friends that I work with that would like to be educated more so that they can help increase the settlement offers on their ends.
-Kelly Alana, DC

I began Dr. DeGaetano’s classes and programs in April of this year and have seen a dramatic increase in my PI patient load. Other health care professionals are noticing me as an expert in the field.
They are amazed by my comprehensive knowledge of auto injuries. It’s not enough to know how to treat, that is the easy part. The hard part is truly knowing how the system works and how to properly document and bill.
Dr. DeGaetano puts it all together from the top researchers, insurance insiders and clinicians to you. PI will become your bread and butter, you’ll work fewer hours and get paid more, what you are really worth!
-Dr. Robert Jeffrey, DC

I strongly recommend Dr. DeGaetano and the Personal Injury Institute for training & consulting. I have worked side by side with Dr. DeGaetano, from a personal injury and Colossus stand point he has one of the sharpest I have worked with. I was blow away with how he not only made sense of the insurance game, but came up with strategic ways to increase revenue in practices.
I have run one of the busiest practices in the US seeing, as many as 10,000 new PI patients in one year and I currently own 5 practices in Florida. I do not say this to brag, I say this to give you perspective of what I saying regarding Dr. DeGaetano and the Personal Injury Institute.
Dr. DeGaetano is one of the most determined, dedicated doctors / consultants that I have ever met. He is constantly working and coming up with ideas and concepts of marketing that will help revolutionize personal injury for doctors and law firms. Currently we are working together to provide a national training and network for doctors and attorneys. This service will undoubtedly be one of the most unique and valuable personal injury resources available.
Dr. DeGaetano is a competitive doctor and is always finding new ways to help his clients; since we have trained together he continues to provide me with updates and tools to continue to be successful. His methods of training are sound professional, ethical and always with the best results in mind.
-Adrian Medina, MD

I found the personal injury institute very successful in understanding the importance of colossus and its role in educating Attorneys on the value of my office in helping settle claims.
Dr. Matt was very personable and I left the training with a plan to contact attorneys that were now implementing. I think the money and time invested are Well worth it and a big advantage if you want to expand personal injury in your practice.
-Dr. Brian Wilmovsky, DC CCWP


Let us help you reach your full potential


Let us help you reach your full potential


A complete A to Z game plan to build the P.I. practice that will allow you to achieve your financial goals, enjoy more time off, and make your practice fun again.

A smart phone and tablet friendly cloud based training program that includes 27 modules, top marketing strategies (with done-for-you marketing systems), and lots more…

✔  Get the comprehensive easy-to-understand Colossus training you will find nowhere else (this will bring you up to speed on the Colossus and related software systems(such as TEACH, Decision Point, Injury IQ, Claims Outcome Advisors, Injury Claims Evaluation)subject so you’ll learn their inner workings and the rules you need to know now)

How to prepare your paper work properly: as revealed by Insurance Insiders (you will undergo Colossus-based documentation training so the next time around, you’ll be confident you’ve nailed your documentation correctly)

Pick up dozens of P.I. cases on a monthly basis from non-competitive and exclusive sources (you’ll be surprised why most doctors are clueless about this…)

✔  Learn the art of Marketing to Law Firms (there’s a specific way to talk to attorneys… we will show you specifically how to approach them so you can build a win-win relationship)

✔  Why the right medical team matters (discover how to find your top notch medical team that Colossus will highly approve of)

✔  3 CDs with money-making information (I’m sure you’ll like what you’ll find here)

✔  Attorney marketing newsletters, office forms and   P.I. internal marketing postcards for your patients – Done-for-you marketing materials you can quickly use

✔  Special exclusive access to the largest growing network of attorneys, insurance insiders, and medical doctors in the country

✔  Sample reports, diagnosis, ICD 9 coding, procedure coding training…  and specialized billing that ensures you get paid every time

✔  Get this power point presentation you can use when educating law firms; also, another power point presentation on Colossus that establishes you as the expert doctor to refer to

Power point presentations for: a.) workshops for corporate business relationship, b.) general public use, c.) and other public service education

✔  Power point practice management protocols: ROF, 1st visit scripting, 2nd visit scripting (helping build overall visits in your office)

✔  Monthly newsletters sent to three attorneys of your choice, where you will be listed as co-author (establishing you as the authority in P.I.)

Monthly articles on personal injury that will be written for you where you will be co-author, establishing you as the authority in your zip code (you can post these articles on your local newspaper)

Be up-to-date on the finer points in personal injury (I will send you a monthly newsletter to do just this)

✔  Do you want your office staff to be more productive and efficient? There is a training agenda for office to train staff on various modules…

✔  Your Medical Integration System, This is our insider elite marketing platform, this is the first part to our zip code exclusive, and will only be offered to Personal Injury Institute clients. There are NO additional costs. We have a team of physicians that and are specialists as it pertains to PI case management that can participate on your cases and even see your patients. In this system our doctors are generating $100,000 to over $200,000 in revenue per month. 

PLUS, get these as well:

✔ Your Certification in Personal Injury (from the Personal Injury Institute)

✔  Your Certification in Colossus

✔ Your special access to our MD Validation Program (a unique service where an MD will validate your records)… note that attorneys have been attaining policy limits because of this

Let us help you reach your full potential


You Get Access To Our
Entire Training & More!